The Growing Demand For 3D Tours

Aug 1, 2022 4:02:15 PM / by IMOTO photo

Buyers are increasingly turning to 3D tours to gain information about listings, and the trends indicate that the demand will continue to increase.  

According to the Zillow Consumer Housing Trend Report, the majority (68%) of buyers believe 3D tours provide more information than static photos. 3D tours allow buyers to explore the listing in more detail; buyers can zoom in and out of features that are most important to them and get a feel of if the listing meets their specific needs. 

Buyers also use 3D tours as a way to save time (and it also saves Realtors time 👀). When a listing has a 3D tour, buyers can take a virtual tour of the property before they visit it in person, allowing them to weed out listings that are not worth a visit. In fact, 61% of buyers wish that more listings included 3D Tours to help them pre-vet properties during their home-search.

While many buyers treat the 3D tour as a supplement to an in-person visit, there are an increasing number of buyers using the 3D tour as their only visit. In fact, 38% of buyers prefer 3D tours over in-person showings. This is a very popular (and economic) option for buyers who are looking at properties out of town, or buyers who are looking for investment properties. 

Check out more stats from the Zillow Consumer Housing Trend Report and our shareable infographic below!

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