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With the New Year approaching, we will soon leave behind the real estate trends of 2018, and look ahead to the new and exciting styles of 2019. Realtors can say goodbye to carpet flooring, avocado colored appliances, and bold colors, while welcoming trends that are predicted to be driven by the increase in millennial home buyers. From a contradicting mix of rustic, modern and boho designs, along with a boost in sustainable materials and smart-home technology, millenials will be integral in shaping the defining trends of 2019.

Embracing Home Wellness, Lifestyle + Sustainability.

One burgeoning trend is the idea of “bringing the outdoors indoors”. Homeowners are adding warm and comforting hues to their homes, including earth-tone colors like blues, greens and browns to lighten their rooms. Color trends to look out for include mustard yellow, soft blues, clay, muted pastels, hazelnut and lilac gray - natural colors that give rooms an outdoorsy feel. L004_original_print_3840x2560 (1)ight colored furniture and softer textures in blankets and pillows are also subtle ways of adding comfort and brightness into homes.

Sustainability will also play continually large role in future home trends, and it aligns nicely with home buyers’ desire to create an earthy feel inside their home. People are using an increasing amount of recycled, durable materials like clay, jute and rice paper to style their homes. Not only are these materials natural looking, but they are also non-toxic materials and good for the environment. Many consumers are striving to use less resources while curating a comfortable space, and these materials will be seen more and more as this trend grows throughout the year. In addition to organic and natural materials, technology that decreases environmental impact (i.e. smart thermostat) is helping homeowners become more sustainable, while also increasing comfort. Homes designed to improve people’s wellness using sustainable practices are now commanding 10-25% higher price premiums.

Melding Mid-Century Modern, Boho, and Rustic  

Mid-century modern and boho designs have become very popular over the last few years, and the trend is expected to continue Jeffto grow. The mid-century modern style allows for a sense of nostalgia, while also keeping modern elements intact. It is an ideal combination of casual and cool, and home buyers are loving it. In addition to mid-century modern, Boho, a style that was popular decades ago is expected to see a major comeback. Thought leaders in the interior design industry are also predicting a melding of mid-century modern boho themes - resulting in a whimsical, yet natural style.

barndoorAnother trend that will continue is the contradicting combination of rustic and modern elements. Rustic pieces of furniture or material can be refreshing and simple when paired with modern design. A very trendy example of this design mix is modern rooms with large, hanging barn doors. Stainless steel farmhouse sinks were also very trendy in the kitchen and are the epitome of the rustic plus modern collaboration. Both of these trends are expected to continue, and experts predict even more melding of these two styles as time goes on.

Utilizing Smart Home Technology.

KellyTate2Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who seek eco-friendly lifestyles as well as modern, comfortable luxuries. Consumers will continue to invest in technology that reduces energy usage, as well as saves time and money. There are many smart home gadgets on the market including Amazon Echo speakers, robot vacuums, smart LED lights/light switches and thermostats. These devices can be seamlessly connected to homes, essentially making them “smart” homes. This is a trend that is especially prevalent with new construction, and new homes will undoubtedly capitalize on this consumer trend.

Applying Trends to Real Estate.

It is critical that Realtors understand the current and future trends that are captivating consumers, as they can apply the data to their marketing and business strategies as they facilitate real estate transactions. For example, knowing the colors and furniture styles that are trending for millennial buyers can help Realtors appropriately stage the trendy, downtown flats they are listing. Understanding smart home technology can help Realtors make value-added recommendations about integrating technology-enabled devices to their home-builder clients. All in all, emphasizing the trendy elements of their listings through descriptions and real estate photography will help Realtors appeal to more home buyers, get more walk throughs, and ultimately sell their listings faster and for more money - the gold standard for any seller.

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