July Agent of Month: Tamra Trickey Team

Jun 25, 2021 7:54:40 PM / by IMOTO photo

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Our Agent of the Month is the Tamra Trickey Team from Kansas City!


Can you introduce yourself and tell me how you got involved in real estate? 

My husband and I had a home construction marketing company from 2003 - 2016. We did projects all over the country where we would work with builders to feature their homes on television.  We worked with TV stations, builders and charities. People would tour the home and a portion of proceeds went to charity. I grew tired of traveling all the time so I decided to get my local license and focus on real estate. I got my license in 2015 and have been practicing since then! 

What is your number 1 tip for sellers who are listing their home?

High quality professional photos. Get the home staged perfectly, cleared out and minimized. Add pops of color throughout the home. The camera loves the pop of color. The digital presence is almost as important as the showing. It gets people in the door!

What things do you do to set yourself apart from other Realtors in Kansas City?

My background is in Marketing and Advertising. I was in the advertising and marketing industry all my life. That education and experience helps set myself apart and we do a bit more than the average Realtor. I’ve also been in Sales so by working with buyers to help them find the right home and find the perfect fit it has helped me with my interpersonal skills. 

What are some ways you are involved with your community? Do you volunteer for any causes that are important to you?

My primary focus is the charity I started 4 years ago in Kansas City. It’s called Armani’s Angels KC. We help people pay for their vet bills. If people have an ill or injured pet and can’t afford the costs, we help them pay for those bills to make sure the pets are healthy and treated. In addition, I’m part of the Reece Nichols Gold Key Project. Through Reece Nichols, a handful of agents have signed up to the Gold Key Project where we will give $100 from any closing we have back to Ronald McDonald house for a 6 month period. It takes $100 for a family to stay at the Ronald McDonald house for one night. It helps people with critically ill children as well. I also do other small volunteer work but Armani’s Angels is my priority. Our King Charles Spaniel is in our marketing and we include him in the pending sign in front of homes or in social media. His instagram is @CharlieBrownSellsHomes. He’s the pretty face of the organization!


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