Is IMOTO Prime Right For You?

May 23, 2022 4:18:57 PM / by IMOTO photo

The news of IMOTO's new Prime membership program has spread fast, with customers from all around the country opting in to benefit from the innovative Prime products.

However...for as many excited early adopters that there are, there are also those who are unsure of the new membership model. That's why we've created a simple checklist to help you decide if the IMOTO Prime membership is right for you. 


Now let's break down each of these bullet points:

1. Number of listings per year

Because IMOTO Prime is a monthly membership program, you are billed monthly - no matter how many listings you have. Therefore, the more listings you have, the better the deal IMOTO Prime is for your bottom line. However, you don't need very many listings to see a return on your investment. In fact, after only 2 listings per year, the IMOTO Prime membership saves you money. Here's the math:

Prime membership (rack rate): $40 per month, or $480 per year

Average cost of a floor plan: $135

Average cost of a 3D Tour: $200

If you purchase a Floor Plan and 3D tour on just 2 listings, the total cost is $670. With a Prime membership, you automatically get a free Floor Plan and 3D tour (on all of your listings), so you would save $190 by opting for Prime. Add one, two, three...(+) listings per year, and your savings skyrocket!

2. Your Typical IMOTO Order

If you typically order a 3D tour or Floor Plan from IMOTO and you complete more than 2 listings per year, Prime is a no-brainer (see the breakdown above)! Every Prime member who orders a photo shoot automatically gets a Floor Plan, 3D Tour, and more...all for Free when you are a Prime member! 

3. Business Growth

If you are looking for a way to stand out in your market, IMOTO Prime will help you do just that! Clients are overwhelmingly impressed with the Prime products, increasing your number of referrals and the value of your personal brand. 

4. The Complete Marketing Package

Do you ever have clients who want you to do everything to market their listings...even if you know the ROI may not be there? Of course you do 😉 One of the great benefits of IMOTO Prime, is every single one of your listings (even the ones you might typically opt for a cheaper photo package) will get treated like Prime royalty. Because you are paying a monthly fee, and not paying per property, you are able to go "all out" for every listing - talk about impressing clients! 

5. Save Time & Increase Efficiency

Most busy Realtors are interested in ways that they can optimize their workflows to save them time...because as the saying goes, time is money (but also #mentalhealth). Prime is the ultimate time saver because of the 3D tour and UiMeet3D technology. UiMeet3D (get more info on this innovative technology here) allows you to do real-time video conferencing within your 3D tour. This allows you to pre-vet buyers, save on drive time, and do more walkthroughs/open houses from the comfort of your office (without bothering your clients).  

If you are still not sure if Prime is right for you, give us a call and we are happy to answer your questions! 

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