Free Little Pantry & How to Donate

Sep 17, 2021 9:53:46 AM / by IMOTO photo

What is the Little Free Pantry?


Jessica McClard started the Little Free Pantry in Fayetteville, AR, where she planted the first ever little free pantry. The pantry is a wooden box filled with personal care items, food and paper items. The pantry is a safe space for neighbors to access these items and share with their peers. Jessica's goal was to bring awareness to local food insecurity. 

Where are the Little Free Pantries in the IMOTO markets?

You can find a Little Free Pantry in just about any part of the US! There are currently Little Free Pantries in every IMOTO market. Check out this map below: 

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 8.14.41 AM

Click here to access the detailed locations for a Free Little Pantry near you. 

How you can help! 

Want to help out? It's super easy! After finding the nearest Free Little Pantry, you can donate personal care or food items. 

Here is a list of things you can donate: 

Canned vegetables and beans

Personal care items

Paper goods

Kid-friendly non perishables (good for Fall/back to school!)


inexpensive party favors 

Want to learn more? Click here to learn about IMOTO's initiatives on how we are helping the Free Little Pantry all month long! 

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