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Jul 1, 2022 12:34:57 PM / by Hannah Huppi

The world of Instagram is constantly evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with the trends. But fear not! IMOTO is here with tips and tricks to help you navigate the overwhelming world of social media...specifically when it comes to posting your listing photos 😎

We've compiled 3 tried and true tools to use on Instagram Stories - one of the most popular Instagram channels. And the best news is...they are super easy to implement! Not only will these tools up your Instagram street-cred, but they will also:

  • Increase engagement of your followers
  • Drive more traffic to your virtual tours
  • Reach more potential clients

Learn more about these benefits and the growing popularity of Instagram Stories here!

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Instagram Story Basics

Before we get started, let's cover some basics. First, check out this article if you are brand new to Instagram Stories. This resource will show you how to access stories in your account, how to view stories etc. Once you are familiar, you can start exploring the tools to bring your Instagram stories to the next level...and that's where we come in! To access these tools, simply create a new story, and add one of your listings photos. Then press the happy face icon in the top right corner (seen below on the left). A menu will pop up (seen below on the right), and you'll see a ton of options of things you can add to your story. Today, we are focusing on three tools: the slider, the poll, and the quiz. 

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1. Slider

The Slider tool is a super easy to implement and fun for your followers to engage with. To use it, you can ask a simple question, write a statement, or leave the text part blank. Then, choose an emoji that matches your text/sentiment. Your followers can use the scale to show how much they agree with the statement. 

1-Jun-30-2022-11-37-44-91-AMWhen your followers stop to interact with the slider, they are hooked into taking a closer look at your listing photo (increasing their chances of further engagement with your profile and the listing). In this example, we wrote "Kitchen goals!" and asked our followers to use the heart-eyes emoji to show us how much they loved the kitchen in the featured listing. 

2. Poll

The poll is a super popular Instagram Story tool that lends it self perfectly to showing off your listing photos. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also a fun way for you to get to know your followers better! To use it, you simply ask a question, and add two options for your followers to choose from.  In this example, we posted two photos from the listing and asked our followers to choose between the two photos as to where they would prefer to entertain company.  

2-Jun-30-2022-11-37-45-14-AMYou can see the results of the poll by swiping up on the story. Not only does this tool let your followers feel connected to your content by getting to show their personal preferences, but it can also inform your marketing strategy for the listing! If you find all your followers are loving a specific photo or feature of your listing, you can use this knowledge to put that photo/feature front and center in your marketing! It's a win-win!

3. Quiz

The Quiz tool is a fun way to get your audience to stop and pay a little extra attention to your listing. To use it, you write a question on the top, then add 1 correct answer and 2+ incorrect answers (just like you would on a multiple choice test). Double tap on the answer that is correct to save it (it will turn green). When your followers view your story, they can read the question and guess the answer. If they guess correctly they will get a little firework show...if they guess wrong, they are shown the correct answer. 

3-Jun-30-2022-11-37-45-02-AMIn this example, we ask where the listing is located (this particular listing is located in Atlanta). You can swipe up to see the results of the quiz, and to see which followers chose the different options. Other fun ideas would be to have followers guess the home's age, style, listing price, etc. Not only will you be able to show off your creative side, but it also helps establish YOU as an expert, helping you grow your personal brand.

Best Practice

Using all three of these Instagram Story tools is sure to boost your listing marketing...but if you want to convert your viewers to leads, there is one important thing you must make sure to do. You must provide your viewers with a way to get more information about your listing!

Newsletter Listing of the Month (1)-1There are a number of ways to do this, but our favorite way is to add an additional Instagram Story with a link to the listing website or virtual tour (you can find the "link" tool in the same dropdown that you find the Slider, Poll, and Quiz tools). This way, your followers can simply click a link and get more information about the listing, fill out your lead form etc. 

We hope these Instagram Story tools help you boost your social media marketing and generate new, valuable leads. 

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Hannah Huppi

Written by Hannah Huppi