2022 & Beyond: Urbanimmersive + IMOTO

Dec 13, 2021 9:52:53 AM / by IMOTO photo

IMOTO + Urbanimmersive to provide customers with exciting new real estate photography experience in 2022

We are thrilled to announce that IMOTO has been acquired by Urbanimmersive, a worldwide leader in 3D real estate technology. Darryl Glade, President of IMOTO, relayed his excitement in the December press release announcing the acquisition. “We are very excited to join the Urbanimmersive Group and can’t wait to bring our customers an unprecedented, fully-integrated real estate photography experience.” 

What will happen to IMOTO?

IMOTO will remain exactly the same - just with some very exciting and powerful new features for our clients. Our brand name, logo, website, photographer team - nearly everything will be what you have come to know and love.

Will IMOTO still photograph my listings?

Yes, IMOTO will continue to operate as IMOTO, with all of our current products and services! All of your favorite photographers will continue to be ready and excited to photograph your new listings.

What happens to my existing orders?

No change! Your orders will be active on the IMOTO website as they always are. You can access your existing orders, pending orders, and place new orders on exactly as you normally would.

How will IMOTO customers benefit?

As a result of the acquisition, IMOTO customers will see some exciting new features in 2022. While IMOTO’s premier product will remain real estate photography, we are excited to create an enhanced, interactive real estate photography experience. This will feature the inclusion of Urbanimmersive’s Immersive 3D Tour and UiMeet3D technology. Stay tuned for the big announcements of our new suite of products coming soon!

What is next?

We will be reaching out to all of our customers and broker partners over the coming weeks to answer questions and elaborate on the new features you will now have access to because of this exciting news. 

Learn more about the sale by reading the press release.

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