The Best Real Estate Marketing Products for Facebook and Instagram

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Marketing your listing on social media can be incredibly beneficial. However, the world of Facebook and Instagram can be a little tricky to navigate. You may find yourself asking, “what products should I use to promote my listing on social media” or even “how do I use social media to market my listing?” If these thoughts have crossed your mind, then you are not alone! To help you and your fellow Realtors, we’ve put together a list of the top three real estate photography products that will make your listing look like a million bucks when you promote it on Facebook and Instagram.


1. Twilight Photography - When you are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, twilight photos are sure to catch your eye.

Twilight Photography

What is Twilight Photography?

The photographer takes these time-sensitive photos right when the sun goes down. The lighting at dusk allows for the perfect balance between the interior lighting and exterior lighting, resulting in a calm blue hue with glowing highlights.

When to use Twilight Photography?

These glitzy night time photos are great for highlighting the home’s features that cannot be seen during the day. Twilight photography is great for backyards with fire pits, pool lights, string lights, balconies, and outdoor exterior lighting.

How to use Twilight Photography on social media?

The dark colors combined with the glow of the exterior and interior lighting makes twilight photography incredible eye-catching. As potential buyers surf Facebook or Instagram, they will be drawn to the breathtaking photos that give the property a luxury appeal. To make the most of these photos on Facebook and Instagram, we recommend posting the twilight photos separately from the regular listing photos. Not only does this give you an extra piece of content to post, but it allows the twilight photos to stand alone in all their glory.


2. Listing Teasers - Take advantage of the auto-play function by giving your viewers motion.

Listing Teaser Video

Why the Listing Teaser?

While there are many video products to choose from and your choice can largely depend on your budget and goals, there is one product that outshines the rest in terms of social media promotion. The Listing Teaser is a video that takes existing listing photos and repackages them into an appealing, fun slideshow. The video is set to engaging music, and it includes property details such as number of rooms and square footage. Because the Listing Teaser is an add-on product and uses the photos from your photo shoot, it is incredibly affordable!

Why are Listing Teasers ideal for social media?

Facebook and Instagram have an auto-play setting for videos, so as you scroll through your feed, videos with automatically start playing. Video products, like Listing Teasers, are perfect for stopping viewers in their tracks as they scroll through Facebook and Instagram. However, many slideshow videos, like the Listing Teaser, are designed specifically FOR social media. This means the video size, length (30 seconds), and photo display are perfect for capturing the most engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Because the first three seconds of a video are the most crucial in terms of capturing an audience, the Listing Teaser is designed to hook viewers right away.

Pro-tips for utilizing the Listing Teaser on Facebook and Instagram?

As the name suggests, the Listing Teaser is the perfect product to “tease” your audience about an upcoming listing. Post the video a day or two before you post the full set of listing photos as a way to generate interest and excitement. Better yet, give it to your clients for them to post on their social media channels! When friends and family start sharing this engaging video, you’re sure to see some serious bang for your buck!


3. Drone Video - Mesmerize your audience with a dynamic drone video.

Drone Photo

Drone Video vs. Drone Photos?

You may be asking yourself, why drone video and not drone photos? While drone photos are eye-catching and quite popular, drone video brings your marketing to another level. The full-motion video along with the excitement of an aerial view is a killer combination when applied to social media. Due to the auto-play function on Facebook and Instagram, viewers will be instantly drawn into the smooth tour from the sky.

Is the investment worth it?

There’s no doubt about it, drone video can be pricey. However, the investment is definitely worth it - if you use the video on your social media channels. Drone videos can create buzz around your listing, which will help increase awareness and interest. Additionally, not only are viewers more likely to spend time watching a drone video, but they are also more likely to share it. The viral nature of drone videos will increase your listings’ awareness and it is great for your personal brand! Investing in a luxury product like drone video can go a long way for your current clients and for attracting future clients, increasing the ROI with every view.


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