September Agent of Month: Nathalie Dubois

Aug 23, 2021 4:37:48 PM / by IMOTO photo

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Our Agent of the Month is Nathalie  Dubois, Realtor in New Orleans!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me how you got involved in real estate? 

"My name is Nathalie Dubois and I have been doing real estate since 2014. I wanted to do real estate in 2004 when Hurricane Katrina hit but my dream was put on hold. I raised my kids at home for 6 years and I was thinking of what I wanted to do for a career. I love architecture, homes and design so it just clicked and became the perfect job for me. I also love socializing and communicating with clients. I’m patient and understanding of the client and make them a priority. I love when a client buys a house and he, she or they are very happy with it. That makes my job rewarding and my mission is accomplished. Sometimes it takes 20 houses before we find the right one."

What is your favorite thing about working with IMOTO? 

"I love my listing to be perfectly done which is why I use IMOTO and I have been using IMOTO since day one. I’ve always been consistent and loyal using IMOTO! Jeff, IMOTO's customer service rep, is always on call and makes it easy for me to book appointments. The relationship between me and Jeff is great and I like that! He’s reliable and the products are so wonderful."

What is your number 1 tip for sellers who are listing their home?

"Always do a floor plan! It completes the listing." 

What things do you do to set yourself apart from other Realtors in New Orleans?

"I’m very passionate about real estate. I love to sell and buy for my clients. I make sure everything is impeccable and I get my clients' wishes to be fulfilled. I’m always available for my clients between 6am - 7pm. I try not to miss calls or emails and be on top of things. I use social media often and post my listings to Instagram and Facebook to promote my listings."

To keep up with Nathalie, follow her social media accounts on Instagram  and Facebook

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