January Agents of the Month: The George Medina Team

Jan 12, 2021 4:09:26 PM / by IMOTO photo

This month, IMOTO interviewed Eli Medina of the The George Medina Team, an amazing father/daughter duo from Kansas City. As long-time IMOTO clients, we've seen their incredible success, growth, and dedication to their Kansas City clients. Not only are George and Eli committed to providing excellent real estate service, but they are also committed to giving back to the community. Read the interview below, and make sure to follow The George Medina Team on Facebook!

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Introduce yourself! How did The George Medina Team come to be?

We are George and Eli (E-Lee) Medina, a father/daughter team specializing in residential real estate in the KC metro! George worked in the liquor wholesale industry for over 20 years before he realized he could turn his hobby of talking about his favorite Kansas City neighborhoods into a career. He was part time to begin with – only selling a few homes a year and when he went full time in 2007, the housing market crashed. George worked especially hard during those years to make a name for himself in the real estate industry. He would knock on doors to earn business and by 2011 he earned the accolade of the Top Individual Salesperson at Reece Nichols. Later that year, I decided to give real estate a try as I had just finished up Grad School and wasn’t sure of my next step. By the following year we doubled our sales volume to $24 mil and today sell around $50 mil total between both of us. George and I bring different strengths to the table and a different client base. Many of George’s first clients were his neighbors and family members while most of mine came from the network I had created at the Universities I had attended – Truman State and Rockhurst University. Today we work as a team of 2 both very involved with each client so every person feels like they are top of mind.

 How do you set yourselves apart in Kansas City?

We have always had the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard” and it really comes through in our marketing. We understand real estate is a hands on, 24/7 business so when we do get a break in our schedule we love to spend it supporting local bars and restaurants. Our Billboard on 72nd and Wornall has become popular because we really have fun with it. One month we might be dressed up like Star Wars and the next we are in our Chiefs Gear. Either way it’s usually good for a laugh and seems to stand out compared to most other billboards in the neighborhood. It’s been a fun way to stay top of mind with our clients.

What is your number 1 tip for sellers who are listing their home?

Make sure your home is fully buttoned up before going live on the market. Many sellers think that because inventory is low, they don’t need to do anything to their home to get it sold. We believe homes will sell faster and at a higher price if they have been prepped with cosmetic touch ups, interior staging, and professional photography (with IMOTO of course)!

One of IMOTO’s goals for 2021 is to give back to the communities we serve. In addition to serving the community through excellent real estate services, is there anything that the George Medina Team does to give-back?

For the past 3 years I have been mentoring local high school students through a leadership program called C-10 Leadership and Mentoring. My first mentee was a girl from Cristo Rey High School and currently I mentor a student from Bonner Springs. They just featured me on their podcast: Our favorite event last year was a day spent at Thelma’s Kitchen – Kansas City’s first donate-what-you-can restaurant. We served food and greeted people in the community that came from all walks of life to support their mission of breaking down the racial and economic dividing line in our city. Both George and I donate to many other causes we feel strongly about. Some of these include: St. Peter’s Parish, St. Teresa’s Academy, Rockhurst University, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Our Lady of Guadalupe Center, and many more. We are very grateful for the way these organizations have impacted our lives and would like to keep paying it forward.

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