IMOTO's Recommended Environmental Volunteer Opportunities

Mar 25, 2021 10:32:17 AM / by IMOTO photo

Earth Day Volunteer

Earth Day is around the corner and we are focusing on the environment and ways you can help keep our planet healthy this month! We have gathered environmental volunteer opportunities from each of our markets. Check out our volunteer opportunities below, and see what else we are up to this month here

Gulf Coast: 

 Wetlands and habitats are crucial to our environment on the Gulf Coast.  Common Ground Relief is committed to restoring habitats and wetlands and also offers volunteer opportunities in and around Louisiana! The volunteer opportunities range from food distribution, marsh grass plantings and wetlands restoration programs.  

New Orleans:

Keep NOLA green by signing up to volunteer at the National Audubon Society or Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. At the National Audubon Society, volunteers can help preserve Louisiana native birds and their habitats through the Bird Conservation Program. If you are looking for another hands on volunteer program, check out the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation for their beach sweep program and more! 


Ideas For Us is an organization in Orlando that offers a variety of environmental volunteer programs. Before COVID, they offered in-person events for brainstorming ways to help the environment, urban agriculture programs and Fridays for the Future Marches. Right now you can check out their virtual events until further notice. If you are looking for volunteering in person, check out volunteer opportunities at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Kansas City: 

Check out volunteer opportunities local to Kansas City at Bridging the Gap. Bridging the Gap, a non-profit organization, focuses on sustainability and connects its community to the environment and the economy. Volunteer projects range from recycling programs, urban trees and working with KC's Wildlands. 


Trees Atlanta offers volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in tree conservation. They have opportunities for both individual and group volunteers as well as educational events! 

Hilton Head: 

Looking to get your kids involved with volunteering? Outside Hilton Head is a non-profit environmental organization that helps ensure and keep in tact Hilton Head's environment and outdoors for young people. Their goal is to create a healthy coastal environment.  Their projects include Kids in Kayaks, Waterway Clean Up and recycling. 


Groundwork Denver is an organization who partners with low-income communities to improve the environment and public health. They promote individuals to live in a sustainable manner while doing the work themselves - from growing our own food, biking, cleaning up rivers and nature areas, etc.  Their volunteer opportunities include programs around air quality, climate change, planting trees, building gardens and more! 

Share your experience with us!

If you do volunteer at any of these organizations, feel free to let us know on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag us! We'd love to see what you all did for the environment this month. 

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