How to help those affected by Hurricane Ida

Aug 31, 2021 11:47:22 PM / by IMOTO photo

Hurricane Ida and How to Help

Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana on August 29th, 2021, which is the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane is one of the strongest hurricanes to have hit the US. Ida left devastating impacts on Louisiana and the Gulf Coast area from debris, flooding, power outages and more. We have compiled a list of organizations and ways to help those who were affected by Hurricane Ida. 

Cajun Navy Relief

CNR-logo-webThe Cajun Navy Relief consists of volunteers who focus on disaster relief and food donations. The Cajun Navy Relief has been doing a search and rescue mission during Hurricane Ida and is rescuing people from their attics in LaPlace, Louisiana which flooded during the storm. Visit to donate. 

Feed The Second Line

605a7d0dbfdeaf9ab1fbbfdc_ftsl_logo_vertical-colorFeed The Second Line is an organization that supports New Orleans creatives in an effort to preserve the city's culture. They announced on social media that all September and October donations will go straight to Hurricane Ida relief. Check out their Instagram here or visit their website to learn more and donate at

Louisiana SPCA 


While people evacuated for Ida, the SPCA stayed behind to take care of all the animals who were at the Louisiana SPCA. They are currently asking for donations on Instagram where you can easily send a donation through your Instagram account. Help support the SPCA and their animals by visiting their social media page

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