How Realtors Can Amp Their Instagram Marketing

Aug 6, 2019 9:15:25 AM / by IMOTO photo

Are you currently using Instagram to your advantage? Instagram is a great social media platform for Realtors and Brokers, as it is a great way to showcase your listings through photography and other visual marketing content. Check out the tips below to take your Instagram marketing to the next level. 

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Instagram Tips for Realtors: 

Make your Instagram page personable. Before you start posting photos and listing videos, make sure your page is welcoming and professional. To accomplish this, you should add a professional headshot, your website, and updated contact info so that leads can easily get in touch. 

Consistently post high quality photos. Instagram is all about the photos, so it is critical that you use professional photography on the platform when you are marketing your listings. Not only will high quality images garnish more attention from your audience, but they will also get you more likes and shares which boosts the visibility of your listing and your personal brand.  

Write relevant captions. When you post a listing photo, make sure you answer all the questions your followers may have about a listing. This includes the listing address, price, location, beds/baths etc. It is also important to let your followers know how they can get more information on the listing. One way to do this is to direct them to the website link in your bio.

Engage with your audience. By engaging with your audience, you can build relationships with your followers. What does engagement look like? Commenting, liking, following, and sharing are all good places to start. You can also follow popular hashtags to make sure you are ready to engage with relevant content (i.e. #MovingToNewOrleans). However, the most important part of engagement for Realtors is to respond to Direct Messages and Comments. A question that goes unanswered could be a lead walking out the door. 

Utilize Instagram Stories. Instagram stories are a critical component to an active, successful business page. Instagram stories are used for ads, live videos, photography, polls, questions and more. We recommend that you create a marketing plan around Instagram stories so that you have consistent, varied content. For example, you could do a live video of a listing, create a poll to get to know your followers, or share a listing photo. 

Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags. You’ve probably heard it before, but you will hear it here again...use hashtags on Instagram to grow your audience! By including relevant hashtags, your post will get in front of a larger audience, which increases the chance that you will hit the right buyer at the right time. For example, if you posted your new listing photos, you could use the hashtags: #NewListing #NewOrleansHomes #NOLArealestate. 

Videos are the new photos. Catching a glimpse of an intriguing video can stop you in your tracks while scrolling through Instagram. For this reason, we highly recommend including videos in your instagram marketing plan. You can often purchase fun, engaging slideshow videos and listing teasers from your professional photographers, as well as more traditional walkthroughs and drone videos. Utilizing special products designed for Instagram, like the Motion Photo in IMOTO’s Social Media Package, can do wonders for views and engagement.  

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