Behind the Lens of Real Estate Photography: 3 Factors that Separate The Good From The Bad

Sep 8, 2020 10:44:10 AM / by IMOTO photo

Many people think that the key to real estate photography is just a great camera, but at IMOTO, we know there are many factors that go into making a great real estate photo - including professional equipment. In this blog we will break down 3 key factors that go into making a real estate photo picture perfect. 

#1 Photographer

Professional, experienced photographers are critical to making a great real estate photo, and their knowledge of angles, bracketing, and correct camera settings for each situation will make all of the difference. 

The angle in which a photo is taken makes a big impact in the quality of a real estate photo. Professional photographers must think spatially to determine the best spot to take a photo, whether they are in a tiny half-bath or a giant great room. Common mistakes include including too much ceiling or floor, taking the photo from too high of an angle so the camera is looking down on the space, and cutting off parts of the room so that the viewer does not have a natural understanding of the space. In a great real estate photo, the room will appear as if the viewer was seeing it in person. 

Additionally, it is up to the photographer to determine the best camera settings for each situation to make sure they are giving the editing team the best input possible. If it is done wrong, it can lead to blown out windows and poor lighting. If it is done right, the image will look as natural as if you were seeing it with your own eyes. 

In the example below, the photo on the left is a good shot that shows the entire room, has clear windows, and proper coloring of the floor and walls. The photo on the right is a bad real estate photography shot that has blown out windows, cropping that hides half of the room, and poor coloring that makes the floor look darker than it really is. 


#2 Editing

Editing is also a critical piece to the real estate photography puzzle. Even if the photographer creates perfect images, it can all go downhill with poor editing. Two important things to look for with editing are straight lines and realistic colors. 

In the photos below, you can see the photo on the left (IMOTO’s editing) shows depth, natural colors and the home looks like it is standing upright. In the photo on the right, you can see the whole photo looks washed out and the colors are unrealistic. Additionally, the house looks like it is tipping backward because the sides of the house are not parallel to the sides of the photo. This is something that should be corrected during editing so the home does not look like it is falling over!


#3 Equipment 

While cell phone cameras are getting better and better, they are still incredibly limited when it comes to the needs of the real estate photography industry. To truly take a great real estate photography photo, you need a professional set up that includes a full frame camera, a wide angle lens, and most importantly a professional who understands how to use them! 

The photo on the left is shot by a professional photographer with a full frame camera and a wide angle lens. The photo on the right is shot by the latest iPhone. The difference is striking! If you want to get buyers in the door, a cell phone camera is not going to cut it!

While these three factors just touch the surface on the complexities that go “behind the lens” in real estate photography, they go to show that choosing the right professional photographer can make all the difference. 

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