7 Drone Tips for Savvy Realtors

Jun 24, 2019 11:05:13 AM / by IMOTO photo


1. Only use a registered drone photographer. In order to fly a drone for commercial purposes, the drone operators must be licensed via the FAA. Under Part 107 guidelines, the drone operator must pass a Knowledge Test in order to receive their “Remote Pilot Certificate.” How come? It is illegal to knowingly hire someone who does not have the certificate…and while unlikely, the penalty can be severe (financial and jail time). Another risk is that you may be held liable for the drone operator even you do not fly the drone yourself. To avoid these risks, and to stay on the right side of the law, always use a registered drone pilot. Plus, they are typically more professional, produce higher quality products, understand safety, and are more likely to be insured.

2. Homeowners want you to hire a drone! Recent studies show that 73% of home owners prefer to work with agents who use drones.

3. Your listing will sell faster! Studies have shown that using a drone will help sell your listing 68% faster.

4. Drones will help you spice-up your brand. Agents are constantly being compared to their fellow agents. You must be willing to set yourself apart from your competition. By always using drones on your listings you will have a higher quality portfolio and therefore look more professional than other Realtors not using drones. Not only will you start selling your listings faster but your own personal brand will see positive benefits.

5. Higher is not always better. Just because a drone can fly up to 300+ feet does not mean you should take photos of your listing from that height. Don’t forget, you are selling the property so every photo should be used to highlight the property. Sure, a high photo can show off the area and proximity to landmarks, but if you are too high for all of your photos the buyer will not be able to see the details they need to make a purchase decision. Fly high enough to get a unique perspective, but be low enough so you can see important property features/details.

6. Consider video. Effortless feeling drone exterior videos cut together with interior videos can give a buyer a great sense of the property you are selling. No need to go overboard, a simple no frills video shot from a drone can create a huge “wow” moment for prospective buyers. Plus homeowners will love it (think happy current clients and more future clients). It's also the perfect product to use when marketing your listing on social media

7. Be a good neighbor. Be sure to let your neighbors know that you will be flying a drone for your listing. Drones make a noise that can alarm people and if your neighbors are aware of the appointment they will be less likely to cause a problem. 

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